Inquiry for a Setup a script for account creation Human Emulator Studio

Создание бесплатных скриптов по запросу
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Inquiry for a Setup a script for account creation Human Emulator Studio

Сообщение mcmatrixxx » 27 дек 2020, 16:45

we want to have an automated system where we can automatically create accounts with the emulator.

This system must have the following setup.
Automated navigation on a specific website,
fillout region, date of birth, Name and Surename. (provided in an excel sheet)
Fill in an emailadresse (provided in an excel sheet)
Fill in a provided Mobile phone number ( there is an api from my partner 5sim)
wait for the sms capture code
fill in sms code
accepts the terms of use
solves picture captures
fill in a password
save the account in excel sheet
every 3 accounts swap ip to another one.

I wish to have a setup for the above mentioned steps. So that I only have to fill out some excel sheets, for Name, Sure Name, Date of Birth and PW. And the emulator should create an excel sheet with the accounts, email, pw, date of creation.
For the sms provider it would be nice if i could change the nationality of the phone number and the provider of the number on 5sim (sometimes one provider ex MTS, lycamobile does not work so i can get an other one). Most times i use russian or great britain mobile numbers.

If there is anybody who is able to do this script, write me a private message with the time it takes and how much u are asking for the script. Also tell me how we can deal with when something on the website changes and the script needs an update.